Our coffee

Espresso Blend - Medium roast - Guatemala-Brazilië

EEK offers you coffee of the highest quality,  produced in a fair way. The first coffee we introduced in 2015 is a 100% Arabica Espresso Blend from Guatemala & Brazil.


This is a medium roasted coffee, with an intense chocolate scent combined with notes of caramel and a pleasent fruitiness. 


The coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified and therefore produced with attention for people and plant.


Ideal for the fully automatic espresso machine and suitable for lovers of espresso, lungo and cappuccino.  


Guatemala has about 300 different micro-climates. This owes the country to the exceptional location between the Gulf of Honduras, the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Various mountain ranges, vast plateaus, rivers and as many as 34 volcanoes provide an unprecedented coffee diversity. In short, a perfect country for specialty coffee lovers.


Despite the diversity there is one striking agreement: 98% of Guatemalan coffee is sheltered, in the shade of trees, grown. This foliage ensures a very high quality of coffee. This 'umbrella' prevents soil erosion in the rainy season and causes extremes to be flattened in humidity and droughts. As a parasol, the foliage also ensures that the coffee plant grows more slowly, and that means more body and freshness in taste.


Our coffee of SHB quality guarantees coffee that has grown above 1350 meters.



Brazil is by far the largest coffee producer in the world.



More and more plantations see the demand for specialty coffee and are jumping in by adjusting their production processes, another cultivation and processing of the coffee. 


Brazil has slightly less significant regional differences than you would expect on the basis of the country's size and climate differences. Differences in processing method were certainly in the past more decisive for the taste than the Origin region. With the emerging interest in specialty coffee, differences of coffee are further magnified.


These 'new' Specialty coffees are known for their sweet taste: an intense aroma with flavors of chocolate, caramel and nuts. If the drying is properly controlled, a slow drying can create a coffee with a lot of body. Such top coffees are an elixir which you immediately want a second shot.