EEK Premium

Climate positive


To make a contribution to a better world we came up with the EEK Premium for our products. 


50% of this EEK Premium we invest in planting trees, the other 50% we invest in sustainable green (wind & sun) energy-projects. We invest partly in the country where the coffee is consumed and partly in the country of origin as close as possible to the coffee farm. This way we compensate minimum 3 times the Carbon emissions of our products, and we will even leave a positive green footprint. 


The premium is € 0,50 per kilogram coffee,

€ 0,50 per kg is about a half cent per cup of coffee.


We do this completely transparent:


Direct contact with the project

• Collected and paid premium is traceable

• Communication about the achieved goals


The easiest way to contribute to a greener world.


EEK, more than just great coffee!


Read the latest EEK Premium news in our blog!  

Support our mission!

Enthusiastic about eek coffee and want to support our mission? Let us know what you could mean for us! Mail your comment to or call us at + 31 (6) 38116357, we are looking forward to your ideas. Also donations are more than welcome and we would like to get in touch with you.