Whether it’s coffee, tea or cocoa, at EEK we love beautiful food products with special origin stories from all over the world.


But EEK is more than just great coffee. 


Besides great food, we love our planet, which we want to leave well & livable for future generations.


Therefor our plan consists of three parts:


1. Certified. The raw coffee we use is preferably certified with the Rainforest Alliance or Organic label or purchased through direct trade. 


2. 100% Natural. Our products are free from artificial additives. #Healthy and tasty.


3. Climate Positive. To make a contribution to a better world our products come with an eek premium of €0,50 per kg. With this premium we compensate all Co2 impact of our products, until they are Climate positive. We like to play it fair!



Will you join us, fighting climate change by drinking EEK coffee?


EEK, more than just great coffee! 

Founded, July 2015

Our coffee

Espresso Blend - Medium roast - Guatemala-Brazil

EEK offers coffee of the highest quality, which is produced in a fair way. The first coffee we introduced in 2015 is a 100% Arabica Espresso Blend from Guatemala & Brazil.


This is a medium roasted coffee, with an intense chocolate scent combined with notes of caramel and a pleasent fruitiness. 


This coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified and therefore produced in a fair way with attention for people and environment.


Ideal for the fully automatic or espresso machine and suitable for lovers of espresso, lungo and cappuccino. More...



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